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Five Toe separator Metatarsal Honeycomb Foot Pad


Product Description

It relieves bunion-related pain and makes walking easier. If you suffer from bunion (hallux valgus), when the big toe turns towards the second toe and the pressure acts on the ball of the foot, the super-soft gel cushion helps you to alleviate the symptoms

It protects the swollen tissue from friction and direct pressure and prevents pain.Our toes bear a great load and are frequently stressed and strained Removable without damage to your shoes

Tight shoes, high heels, intense sport activities, deformities and injuries thus damage our toes. The toe protection products offer solutions for a large variety of toe related issues. They are made of a flexible and hygienic gel that is highly elastic and tear-resistant and adapts to any kind of toe and foot. Furthermore, our gel products contain moisturising lotion that is kind to the skin and makes them a pleasure to use

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