Wound Skin ClosureTape

For closure of emergency surgery wounds.
For closure of general surgery wounds.
For closure of gynecologic surgery wound such as caesarean section surgery wound. .
For wound care after immediate suture or stitch removal.

Product Description

Wound Skin Closure:

          With the continuous improvement of our life, advanced techniques are required. Postoperative wound repairing and scars problems wound skin closure is made of high quality non-woven fabric with reinforced fabric coated with acrylic adhesive. It is a good and effective solution to reduce the scars.
1. Make sure the wound areas is clean and dry.
2. Sticking cross on the wound from middle.
3. Apply it from the two ends of wound to the middle, to prevent the wound from splitting.
4. At last, treat the rest parts of wound by strips.
1. Secondary care for surgery and cosmetic operation.
2. Surgical wound care after taking out stitches, reducing scar.
3. The little care in daily life, such as the cut wound.

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