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Blister Care Cushions, Mixed Sizes

Prevent: Pretect feet from rubbing.

Relieve:Protecting the blister from further friction, provide instant pain relif.

Fast healing: Offer closed fast healing environment

Product Description

  • ADVANCED BLISTER CARE: Pack includes 2* 69*44cushions for heels, 2 small 20*60mm cushions for side of foot, & 2* 17*49mm toe patch. Our cushions offer improved comfort vs. other plasters & bandages

  • Instant pain relief: Relieves rubbing, pressure, & friction caused by new shoes, high heels, sweaty socks, or running long distances. Our active gel pads are great for blisters on hands, toes & heels.

  • Long lasting protection: Our blister cushions help prevent & Protect hot spots & blisters. Unlike ordinary bandages, our cushions stay in place for up to days, even after showers & exercise.

  • Faster healing: Our blister cushions act like a second skin, creating a moist healing environment while protecting blisters from dirt, water, germs & bacteria, helping blisters heal naturally.

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