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CE Vehicle German DIN 13164 First Aid Box Kit For Car

DIN standard first aid kit is our strengths , we produce complete first aid kit for car, first aid kit bag for outerdoor, first aid kit for workplace, first aid kit for travel, first aid box, we can also provide you the filling of first aid kits, for example: wound compress, elastic bandages, ice bags and so on.

Product Description

Contents of DIN13164 new version , Inhaltsverzeichnis, Liste du contenu
F001Adhesive tape DIN13019-A 5x2.5Heftpflaster/Sparadrap5mx2.5m1pc

Plaster set in foil bag, 14 parts

F002Adhesive bandages DIN13019-E 10x610x64
F0032-7Finger plaster-elastic4cmx7cm2
F0032-2Finger plaster-elastic12cmx2cm2
F0032-1plaster strips water resistant single packed1.9x7.2cm2
F0032-6plaster strips water resistant single packed2.5x7.2cm4
F042First aid dressings bandages, Sterile,DIN13151-KVerbandpäckchen/Pansements individuels en sachet/Pacchetto di medicazioneCompress 6x8cm 1roll
F03First aid dressings bandages, Sterile,DIN13151-MVerbandpäckchen/Pansements individuels en sachet/Pacchetto di medicazioneCompress 8x10cm 2roll
F04First aid dressings bandages, Sterile,DIN13151-GVerbandpäckchen/Pansements individuels en sachet/Pacchetto di medicazioneCompress 10x12cm 1roll
F05Sterile Compress(Burn dressings) DIN13152-BRVerbandtuch/Pansements our brulures/Tessuto di medicazione per ustioni60x40cm 1pc
F06Sterile Compress(Burn dressings) DIN13152-AVerbandtuch/Pansements our brulures/Tessuto di medicazione per ustioni60x80cm 1pc
F07Conforming Elastic bandages DIN61634 FB6Elastische Fixierbinden/Bandes de fixation/Benda elastica6cmx400cm 2roll
F08Conforming Elastic bandages DIN61634 FB8Elastische Fixierbinden/Bandes de fixation/Benda elastica8cmx400cm 3roll
F09First aid blanketRettungsdecke/Couverture de survie160cmx210cm 1pc
F10Sterile wound dressings (compress)Wundkompressen/Compresses/compress di garza per fertie10x10cm 2's /bag 3bag
F11Triangular bandages DIN13168-DDreiecktuch/Bandes triangulaires136x96x96 2pc
F12Scissor DIN58279 A145Schere/Ciseaux/Forbici145cm1pc
F13Disposable gloves DIN EN 455-1 Einmalhandschuhe 4 's L-in zip PP bag1bag

Wet wipe for cleaning skin
225cm2 45g/sqm2bag
F21Content listInhaltsverzeichnis
F14First aid kit manual Erste-Hilfe-Broschüre

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