Product Description

Wearing the FLEXIBLE DAY THUMB BRACE on a daily basis helps to relieve the joint pain caused by osteoarthritis of the base of the thumb. It restricts traumatic micro-movements (moving hands in mid-air while walking or talking etc.), holds the thumb in a resting position, and retains heat locally to the joint. Flexible, thin and discreet, this orthotic allows you to retain the full functionality of your hand: you can drive, write, use your phone… and wear your watch or jewellery!

The flexible orthotic opens the commissure, which means that the thumb can be kept in a resting position. The alignment of the bones of the thumb serves to limit the forces exerted on the trapeziometacarpal joint and helps to relieve pain.

The thumb orthotic absorbs traumatic micro-movements. During the day, it may seem as though the thumb is at rest but in fact it is constantly moving with the hands in mid-air. These repeated micro-mobilisations are very harmful and are one of the factors that trigger painful thumb inflammation. Without immobilising the thumb, this flexible orthotic holds the thumb and 1stmetacarpal bone in place. This thumb support helps to absorb traumatic micro-mobilisations, meaning that it reduces painful flare-ups of inflammation caused by osteoarthritis.

The thumb orthotic retains heat locally due to properties of the fabric and the silicone material. This means that it has a pain-relieving effect.

The product can be used alongside rigid orthotics that are better suited for night-time use.

It can be machine washed at 40°C in the mesh laundry bag provided.

Lifespan: several months.

Sold individually. Available in 3 sizes, for the right and left hand.

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