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Hallux valgus bunion correctors Sock


Product Description

Material properties

 Healthy and environmental, soft and  comfortable,  durable, good ductility and not easy to lose shape

Product durometer range USA REX durometer : 10°~30° and can be customized
Product usage Good for anybody who have toe cyst and hallux valgus;  Fit for  any shoes


Product function 

 Instantly reduce the daily discomfort of bunion and  hammer toe pain.
 Realign toes to their natural position .  
 Helps ease hallux bunion pain 
 Diabetic-friendly design provides the ideal protection  between the hallux toe and your shoe.
How to use  Gels tend to slip and bunch of worn without socks. For  best results, wear with snug fitting socks and shoes. 
We recommend applying some baby powder on the  product so that it is easier to wear      
Daily careUse soap or shampoo that will not irritate your skin with  warm water to gently hand wash     
 Make it dry in the shade, avoid direct sun  
No bleach, no dry clean          
 Applying some baby powder after drying for protecting  the product

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