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Latex free Soft Sports Foam Cohesive Bandage

A very soft foam with glue.
Very comfortable.
Self-adhering,no need of clips or fasteners.
Well flexible and breathable.

Product Description

PU foam cohesive bandage


1,Very soft and comfortable

2, Endures water, will not fall off when get wet

3, Forms easily with the movements of the joints

4, Adheres to itself, non-sticky to hair or skin, no pins or clips needed

5, Super light weight, porous, allows skin to breath



Use as a band aid, can be also used together with ointments or cream.

Control swelling and stop bleeding

Provide firm support and protection to ankles, wrists, hands, fingers and other body parts





1. Cut a piece of the plaster in a proper length

2. Wrap the plaster round the small wound

3. Use more layers if the bleeding is severe

4. Squeeze the plaster for approximately 5 seconds

5. Ready



The plaster can be used for once only, it is not a reusable product.



This item is widely used in Nordic countries.  It can stop bleeding and absorb blood while people get a small cut on finger.

Blue is the only colour that can be used in kitchen under the regulation of certain law.

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