PU gel foot protection


Product Description

1. HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL:Gel Heel Pads, made from medical -grade gel,the cushion pads for heels are perfect fit for high heels, flats, pumps, dressing shoes, boots and more.

2. RELIEVES HEEL PAIN:Heel Cushions for Women and Men Designed for Callus Blister Prevention Rapid Pain Relief, Prevent Shoes Rbbing your feet, Slipping out of Shoes, Relieve Metatarsal Pain, Forefoot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis Pain.

3. IMPROVE SHOE FIT: Heel Gel Pads have Moderate Thickness, so it Leaves Room for your feet.We suggest you to use them inside the Looser Fitting Shoes to Avoid Causing your Feet Discomfort Due to Squeezing.

4. REPEATEDLY USE:Gel Pads for Heels Washable and Reusable. Toe Heel Cushion Having a Strong Self-adhesive that Firmly Stay in Place for Lasting Comfort.

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