Silicone Foam Dressing With Border

high absorptive volume of liquid

isolate the wound penetrent liquid from wound, reduce the infection

heal without scab,reduce the scar

promote wound healing

Product Description

Bordered Medical Grade silicone foam dressings is a highly absorbent dressing made from hydrophilic polyurethane foam, ideally designed for heavily exuding wounds. The soft flexible foam absorbs large amount drainage, ensures patients comfort; the top backing film protect wounds against external bacterial. It’s a disposable sterile product,it consists of silicone gel and polyurethane foam ,it has high liquid absorptive volume, isolates the wound penetrent liquid from the wound effectively,and reduce the possibility that the wound is infected.The product can form and keep a moist environment,promote wound healing ,and reduce the second damage when changing the dressing.

 Information for Use:


1)clean the wound with saline.


2)dry skin around the wound, select the appropriate specification ( crop the product if necessary ). Cover the wound completely.


3)tear the face mask, Stick to the wound.


4)use the second dressing to fix (island).



  • Pressure ulcer

  • Leg venous ulcer

  • Diabetic foot ulcer

  • First and second degree burns

  • Skin grafts and donor site

  • Post-operative and traumatic wounds

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