Surgical Cotton Gauze Bandage

pure 100% cotton yarn,through high temperature and pressure degreased and bleached,ready-cut ,superior absorbency

Product Description

Gauze bandage is a thin,woven fabric material that is placed over a wound to keep it chean while allowing air to penetrate and promote can be used to secure a dressing in place,or it can be used directly on a wound.These bandages are the most common type and are available in many sizes.


1.100% cotton yarn,high absorbency and softness

2.cotton yarn of 21's,32's,40's

3.mesh of 30x20,24x20,19x15...

4.length of 10m,10yds,5m,5yds,4m,4yds,3m,3yds

5.width of 1'',2'',3'',4'',6''

6.package: 12rolls/dozen,100Dozes/CTN

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